Sorghum is one of the oldest known grains and is a major food source in Africa and India.  It is high in insoluble fiber with relatively small amounts of soluble fiber.

The protein and starch in the sorghum endosperm are more slowly digested than other cereals.  It is highly suspected that the slower rate of digestibility of sorghum products could be beneficial to diabetics.  From:  Twin Valley Mills, LLC

Sorghum is the fifth most important cereal grain crop in the world.  Sorghum is naturally high in fiber and iron with a high protein level.  It is rich is antioxidants which are believed to help lower the risk of cancer, diabetes, heart disease and some neurological diseases.

Sorghum is grown from traditional hybrid seeds and does not contain biotechnology traits making it non-transgenic or non-GMO. It is also totally gluten free and the milled grain is used for gluten-free baking products.

World-wide Sorghum is grown for human consumption, in the U.S. it is grown more for animal, pet and bird feed. Sorghum requires less water than corn to grow and can be used in the production of ethanol just like corn.  Twenty-five States in the U.S. Produce Sorghum and it is grown from North Dakota to Texas with Kansas being the largest producer.  From:  Sorghum U, a web based educational and research site primarily for farmers.

Popping Sorghum is really an enjoyable experience because popping Sorghum in my Kettle Drum makes me feel like I am creating a healthy and nutritious snack.  With some jalapeno seasoning added to the “Popped-Sorghum” it makes me feel like I'm in the enchanted land of New Mexico spending time with the Elders of the Land.  The good news is:  it’s not only delicious it is gluten free and delicious!

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